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The Pillbox offers a variety of recording services in addition to tracking killer vocals. We can produce custom tracks from your ideas and track electric/acoustic instruments & analog/digital synthesizer. We can even play for you! Many of our engineers are seasoned musicians.



No matter what stage your project is in, we can take it to the next level. Our mix engineers have the ears and experience to make your mix great. The Pillbox offers vocal tuning, drum replacement, and state-of-the-art digital processing. Let us transport your mix from the writing room to the radio.



Mastering is the last step before releasing your music. Hiring a qualified mastering engineer is often the difference between a decent recording and a great one. At The Pillbox we can give your record a more cohesive and polished sound with Equalization, Compression, and Volume Adjustment.


Audio Post-Production

At The Pillbox, we can help you with ADR, Foley, Sound Design, and Re-Recording Mixing. Our vocal booth is outfitted with a monitor so ADR is a breeze. We’ve worked on short films, features, & documentaries and would love to help you on your next project.


Voice Over

Our vocal booth creates a perfectly dry acoustic space that is perfect for voice over actors. We also use the high-end microphones and outboard gear required to beat the competition. Whether you’re preparing an audition, or recording narration for a feature film, we’ve got you covered.


Audio Books

The demand for audiobooks has never been greater. We work with professional audiobook producers as well as part-time narrators to produce high-quality audiobook recordings for a variety of platforms including


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At The Pillbox, we specialize in music and audio-post production and can accommodate all of your audio needs.